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1 year ago

Is the party over for real estate investing?

No, we're not talking about regular people's homes. The biggest gains have come from so-called real estate investment trusts -- REITs for short.

REITs are companies that own a lot of different properties. Some REITs specialize in just one type of real estate (think apartments in California) while others own a bunch of different kinds of property such as hospitals, office buildings and malls. They make their money much like any landlord does -- by collecting rent.

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1 year ago

Real Estate Marketing |

Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Real estate <a rel='nofollow' target='_blank' href= marketing ideas" height="132" width="137"/>

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1 year ago

Lucky Real-Estate Investors Hit Jackpot in Run-Down Bungalow

Arthur Pinajian artwork found in Thomas Schultz's Bellport garage. Courtesy Thomas Schultz

Lawrence Joseph and Thomas Schultz were looking to make some extra cash in investment real-estate back in 2006. But as they cleaned out the garage of their new property, they stumbled upon a heap of old artwork that has now been appraised at $30 million.

"We just wanted to buy the cheapest cottage in Bellport, Long next Island, and flip it, paint it white and sell it," said Schultz.

The pair had been prepared to gut the old home, which they bought for $300,000, until they found a collection of work by American artist Arthur Pinajian, an obscure abstract expressionist who made his living drawing for comic books and died in 1999.

Schultz had been instructed to throw the entire collection away by Pinajian's family, the home's previous owners. The painter had written a letter to Pinajian's sister, with instructions to chuck the artwork in the dumpster when he died.

But once Schultz saw what was in the garage, he knew he could not follow the family's directions. "I recognized right away that it was created by just one person. I decided at that moment that I was not going to throw away the work. I said, 'Larry, I'm not going to throw this out. I'm not going to put a man's artwork in the dumpster,'" said Schultz.

The two placed the collection, which includes 7,000 works - paintings, journals, sketch books and letters - spanning for 50 years into storage for six months.

They then invited American art expert Peter Hastings Falk, who had appraised Andy Warhol's work in a number of trial cases, along with other experts, to view the collection. According to Schultz, Falk thought the work was as good as, if not better than, most of the other American artists at the time. Falk is now chief curator for the Pinajian works.

According to Schultz, Pinajian's journals suggest that the painter did not want to be bothered with marketing his own work. In the journals, Pinajian wrote that he was frustrated with the little recognition he had received and that he thought his work was better than other abstract expressionist artists of the time.

Pinajian's work is currently being sold at Stephanie's Fine Art, near Los Angeles. So far over 50 pieces have been sold, selling from $20,000 to $40,000 each. Experts recently estimated that the whole collection, if sold at appraisal value, could be worth $30 million.

Today Schultz and Josephs are still a team, but not in investment real-estate. Joseph is the full owner of the collection and Schultz is the register of the estate. Since the discovery, Schultz has opened up his own gallery in Bellport to showcase Pinajian's work, as well as works of other artists. Schultz and Josephs never did sell the property, and Schultz and his family currently live in the bungalow.

"It seems to have been this price that was placed on the collection, that has everyone excited," said Schultz. "But what I think is important is how important this collection is to American art history."

1 year ago

Remington-Hall to Purchase Entire Fort Worth Neighborhood; Real Estate Company to Refurbish Parkview Village, Give Current Tenants a Chance At Owning

FORT WORTH, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 22,1998--Remington-Hall Capital Corporation (OTC BB:REMH), a diversifiedreal estate investment firm, today announced it is purchasing ParkviewVillage, a 14-acre development consisting of 137 duplex units neardowntown Fort Worth.

Built shortly after World War II, Remington-Hall will rehabilitate the rental property and sell the majority to the current tenants as individual homes. "This is an excellent investment opportunity for both our company and the Parkview Village residents," said Remington-Hall independent board member William T. Criswell. "Home ownership is a fundamental privilege in America that we all hold dear, and we're thrilled to offer this exciting opportunity to the Parkview Village neighborhood for the very first time."

Under the Remington-Hall plan, the mortgage, insurance and property tax payment per home will be structured to be very close to current Parkview Village rental rates. Financing will be made available through a variety of sources, including FHA and conventional means. "We are very sensitive to meeting the needs of the current residents," Criswell said. "Parkview Village neighbors have been excellent tenants, so we know they'll make even better homeowners."

Since the property is almost 100% occupied, Remington-Hall will have to employ a "shuffle house" system during the rehabilitation process. "As each unit is under reconstruction, the current tenant will temporarily move to another unit until improvements are complete," said J. Sheffield Wade, Remington-Hall vice president of special projects who is heading the Parkview Village development. Planned improvements to the property include adding central air conditioning to all units, interior upgrades and adding extensive landscaping. "We'll work with the neighborhood to make this transition as easy as possible," Wade said.

Wade further explained that the Parkview Village project is also lucrative for Remington-Hall. After completing rehabilitation expenses, title cost and surveys, the company will receive an estimated $3 million pre-tax gain over two years. Construction on initial infrastructure improvements may begin as early as September of this year.

Remington-Hall Capital Corporation ( is a diversified real estate investment company specializing in multi-family and mid-rise commercial office building acquisitions through merger and debt restructuring. The company aggressively pursues unique investment opportunities in steeply undervalued assets due to previous owner mismanagement or undercapitalization.

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1 year ago

U.S.Immigration Law and Real Estate Purchases

The housing market across the country varies by state to state, and county to county. However, there are some definitive laws that are broad sweeping that affect all housing procedures, in all 50 states. These are the laws about purchasing real property some of which affect illegal immigrants buying real estate in America.

There is often a lack of clarity and a series of misunderstanding about foreigners buying property in America.. A foreigner or an immigrant can own real property in America without being a U.S. Citizen. However, there are legal ramifications for illegal immigrants owning property in America. While illegal aliens do buy property, they cannot legally reside in it. For

1 year ago

‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Cast Finally Revealed: Boy George, Snooki And More

Celebrity Apprentice Cast Finally Revealed: Boy George, Snooki And More

Looks like there's no slowing down Celebrity Apprentice, even if Donald Trump is no longer doing the firing. Trump, who is currently running on the Republican ticket for a presidential nomination, bowed out of the reality show, Celebrity Apprentice, and Arnold Schwarzenegger stepped in to replace Trump.

Now, it looks like just because Schwarzenegger stepped in and Trump is out, doesn't mean that NBC is willing to let Celebrity Apprentice take a dip. On the contrary, it looks like NBC has ramped up an impressive line up for the upcoming season's cast.

1 year ago

Dwarka Flats Price Has Doubled In 3 Years

In current years, the property market of Dwarka has certainly seen a standard shift. Dwarka Property is witnessing a new trend in living the lifestyle, with tall buildings and commercial malls. Apart from residential society apartments, flats the concept of integrated town also inaugurating Dwarka with many major players in real estate development projects engaged exclusively in this field. Dwarka Property value has doubled in the last three or four years. Currently it is almost impossible to find a good residential property in less than 75 lakh rupees. The most key factor in pumping the housing boom of Dwarka is Metro, which has emerged as an crucial matter of convenience for residents here. Before that, it was hard for residents to travel to remote areas, like cannaught place, south delhi and North Delhi.

Dwarka is the prime colony in Asia and has a total of 29 sectors, of which 23 are functional. If CBI clears all the residential flats in dwarka, you can climb to 75-80%. In Delhi, there are many family who are very interested in buying a property in Dwarka. And just only because of the Delhi Metro, Flyover and underpass of Dwarka. After some time, ISBT also come-up in Sector 23, Dwarka and it will also boom property in dwarka.

Dwarka has a great deal to offer its residents.

1. It is very bring to a close connected with the domestic and international airport.

2. It has wide roads, big markets and shopping malls.

3. It is well connected with major parts of Delhi by metro, DTC buses and very close to both South Delhi and West Delhi.

Another reason why Dwarka has witnessed immense development is that because of the scarcity of land in the rest of Delhi, has become an obvious alternative for real estate development. Sector. 23 is almost developed and Sector 24, 25 and 26 are in development from the 29 sectors of Dwarka. Moreover, the arrival of 32 lanes, which is closely linked to Dwarka Delhi, and real estate values here have an optimal impact of growth.

There are about 350 CGHS which are now operational and an average of 100 family are in a society. Dwarka Compared to other big colonies like Rohini, gurgaon and noida, one will find the apartments in Dwarka are much more expensive. A normal residential apartment and simple Rohini expenses around Rs 45 lakh while the same costs Rs 75 lakh in Dwarka. To purchase a residential apartment in Dwarka, people are selling their apartments in nearby societies and people want to live in an area with new construction, better social infrastructure.

The Delhi Development Authority has risen to fourty thousands residential units in the self-financing plans mega housing units, HIG, MIG and incremental. It has been designed especially to the economically weaker sections (EWS) of residential society. The delhi development authority has planned a series of early warning systems, LIG and Resettlement of homes in the area of systems. There are about 20 thousands flats in Dwarka DDA which are held from 8.000 to 10.000. Among all the DDA flats in Dwarka, over 70 percent are ready and we are expecting the award.

By: Kamaldeep Singh

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